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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

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     Keep them warm, keep them safe and healthy.

Winter does not only mean low temperatures. It also means cold weather, snow and ice. Such things are tolerable for younger people, but for seniors, these can be bothersome and can even cause some serious conditions.

Worry not! The care managers and caregivers of Angel Connection Nursing Services listed several care tips for the safety of your senior loved ones:

1. Always keep warm
– Be it indoors or outdoors, your senior loved ones must always keep warm by choosing warm clothes, gloves and socks and setting your heater to a comfortable temperature.

2. Watch for signs of hypothermia
– Be vigilant if you notice your senior ones with cold feet and hands, pale skin, slurring words, and shallow breathing. These can be signs of hypothermia and you must call your doctor immediately.

3. Avoid Slip
– When you are out in a park or anywhere, make sure that you take care of your senior loved ones to avoid slipping on icy, snowy roads and sidewalks.
4. Boost immune system and keep the illnesses away.

Cold temperatures and less sunlight can weaken your senior loved ones’ immune system. You can prevent illnesses from attacking your senior loved ones by letting them eat immunity-boosting foods like fruits and vegetables, having flu shot, getting plenty of sleep, and proper hygiene.

Protect your loved ones during this season. If you need someone to take care of them, you can book a service by calling us at 562-420-4695.

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