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Connecting People to Those Needing Care

Our Services

For many, there comes a time when the effects of aging begin to impact health and mobility, creating the need for day-to-day assistance.

When that time comes, ACNS is here to provide care, with dignity and professionalism.

Care Plan Schedule Types


No minimum hours required. Rates vary depending on level of care, upon assessment.

Day or Evening

Request whichever shift is needed. Overnight service available.

Transitional Care

ACNS will help your loved one’s transition from the hospital or rehabilitation facility to home. Care Manager will help you in Discharge Process from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. We will ensure that home should be comfortable and safe, and a good place for the client.

24/7 Attentive

24-hours a day/7 days a week, round the clock care is managed by hourly shifts for maximum awareness and implementation to your requirements. Service is based on an hourly rate.

Personal Care Services

  • Mobility assistance
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Feeding and special diet
  • Bathing, grooming and hygiene
  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Standby assistance with morning & evening routines from two caregivers


In-Home Companionship and Care Services

  • Daily Activities

    • Encourage active thinking
    • Encourage light exercise
    • Help organize and maintain connections with friends and family
    • Offer friendly and supportive conversation
    • Plan and encourage social activities
    • Provide companionship

  • Errands

    • Go grocery shopping
    • Pick up prescriptions

  • Grooming Guidance

    • Assist with bathing
    • Assist with dressing
    • Help with skin care

  • Incidental Transportation

    • Provide transport to dentist appointments
    • Provide transport to doctor appointments

  • Light Housekeeping

    • Assist with light gardening
    • Clean and organize kitchen
    • Change linens
    • Do laundry
    • Organize

  • Meal Preparation

    • Assist with menu planning
    • Assist with, and motivate, meal preparation
    • Assist with feeding

  • Medication Reminders

    • Assist with organizing medications
    • Confirm the taking of medications morning, noon or night


Respite Care

Give your friend or family member a much-needed break. Consider a short-term solution to relieve caregivers so they can attend to other matters, such as:

  • Making and attending their own dentist and doctor appointments
  • Meeting with a support group
  • Spending time shopping
  • Running personal errands
  • Enjoying much-deserved alone time


Transitional Care

ACNS is here to help your loved one’s transition from the hospital or rehabilitation facility to home, to improve recovery and live comfortably in their own home.

  • Discharge Process from the Hospital or Rehabilitation Facility

    • Help the client and family in taking the responsibility to ensure the details of the types of care that will be needed.
    • Ensure that clients follow doctor’s orders, regarding medication, exercise and other daily activities for best recovery.
    • Plan for a whole new routine at home.

  • Start a Whole New Home Routine

    • Ensure that home should be comfortable and safe, and a good place for the client.
    • Make sure that all needed equipment and supplies are readily available for the client.
    • Medication management is essential for recovery to take the right medications, at the right time and in the right amount/dosage.


Life Situations For Which We Can Provide Care

  • After-Surgery (all ages)
  • Alzheimer’s

    • Dementia
    • Diabetes

      • Post-Heart-Attack
      • Hospice

Did You Know… We Also Help with Long-Term Care Insurance Claims?

There are a wide range of in-home, community-based and institutional services-and-programs to choose from out there — all designed to help the elderly, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. We here at ACNS can guide you through this market, and help you to take the fullest advantage of these options by providing you assistance with your long-term care insurance claims.

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