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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Valentines Day is indeed a special day. It’s the date that a lot of people look forward to. Couples everywhere prepare for romantic celebrations. For single people, it’s an opportunity to look for a partner, confess feelings an undying love for someone, or even just be content in celebrating different kinds of love.

However, Valentines Day for some of our elderly members may not be something they look forward to, because it’s a day that they are reminded of the many people they lost, including their special someones. Given this fact, it still doesn’t mean that Valentines Day should be sad for them–in fact, they must see that V-Day knows no age! It’s that time of the year to celebrate love for the older people in our lives! So here are some valentines day gift ideas for our senior family members and loved ones:


  1. Something warm

Give them something comfortable to keep them warm during cold days and nights. Senior citizens are extra sensitive to cold temperatures. A nice scarf or blanket might just do the trick!


  1. Something yummy

Invite them to a homemade dinner and make their favorite food, or give them their favorite dessert—just make sure to lower the sugar levels! Eating together is also a great opportunity for catching up.


  1. Something memorable

Go old school and give them a framed photo of your favorite picture with them. You can also put together a scrapbook. Aside from giving them a gift with a personal touch, they will surely have fun looking back at your fondest memories.


Some say Valentine’s Day is too commercialized, but seeing the smiles on your elderly friends will surely give you a warm feeling inside. Take advantage of this special day by making it special for people you love.

If you wish to make your loved ones feel your love on this special day, you can count on the caregivers at Angel Connection Nursing Services. If you want to talk to us, you can call us at (562) 984-2714, (800) 876-8063 or (562) 637-3898.

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