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Simple Ways to Help Seniors Cope with Depression

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Helping people cope with depression is a tough job and it’s even more difficult if you are dealing with a senior family member who struggles with it. Depression knows no age, but many of our seniors are affected by this condition due to many factors like loss, grief and fear.

If you are dealing with a senior loved one who have symptoms of depression, we encourage the following simple tips:

  1. Depression can cause sleep deprivation and lack of sleep can only aggravate the condition. Help your loved one have a regular sleep schedule. Make them busy during the day and ensure that they are able to get a good night sleep.
  2. Help a loved one develop a sense of self-worth. This can be done by making them see their worth. It is good to have them engage in community development programs and other activities with social impact that can give them a sense of purpose of their existence.
  3. With such activities comes social interaction. Having a peer-to-peer conversation, a small talk or a discussion with a relatively large audience can help them forget their problems and develop a sense of belongingness.
  4. Keep track of their nutrition. Ensure that they feed on healthy food.
  5. Keep track of their physical health. Let your loved one engage in activities for them to be physically fit.
  6. Give them time. Always give them value and show them your care and love.
  7. Seek for professional help for other tips on how to deal with them.

It is not easy, but with your sincerity, your loved one can surely overcome their condition.

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