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How to Help our Seniors Prevent Boredom?

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It’s true that boredom knows no age. However, it is more dangerous for our seniors who tend to spend much of their time on their own. A life with little or without interaction at all can lead to more dangerous conditions like sadness and depression.

It has been our duty as care services providers to help our clients, especially seniors, prevent boredom when they are in our custody. In the long time, we have been meaning to make this post about how to keep them moving given the routines that are going on inside a house setting. We understand how things can seem to be mundane when they are done over and over again and we are pressed to change this for their benefit.

In this article, we aim to suggest activities that can help our seniors perform in order for them to stay awake and far from boredom. We believe that these things are important for them not to feel alone and left out and, at the same time, still feel productive while enjoying what they do or tasked to do. We get these ideas from the site, Senior Living.

  1. Help them discover or develop a hobby. It’s true that people have no limits when it comes to self-discovery. We believe that it is not yet late for our senior members to learn how to stitch, or play a video game, or read a book! How about you teach them how to make jewelry or assemble a puzzle? There are plenty of fun ideas that you can find in the internet nowadays. Ask your loved one, or your client about that they are interested in and help them start doing it!
  2. Help them connect with their loved ones. Some seniors feel the urge to know about the whereabouts of an old friend, or maybe, a long lost cousin. With social media networks, nothing is impossible today! Ask them who they want to reconnect with and help them find those through Facebook! Re-connections and second chances are the best moments to watch.
  3. Play games with them. This can be so fun! Don’t underestimate the power of a senior when it comes to winning in games,
  4. Bring them to community outreach programs. Maybe it can help them lessen their sadness once they realize that there are also other people who are far in worse conditions than them. Bringing them to outreach missions can also give them a sense of value and fulfillment.

What’s your planned activity for your senior member? Maybe you can help us add more to this list! Contact us for your comments and suggestion!

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