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Do you think Halloween is just for the youngsters? Think again!

The truth is there are many activities that you can prepare for your senior loved ones during Halloween. It’s a plus if the community that you belong to has prepared something for them. But if nothing is prepared yet, you can always do something and make your older folks partake in the celebration. So, are you ready to organize a Halloween event for them?

We have prepared a list of easy and fun activities for seniors this Halloween.

Halloween costume contest
This is the best way to encourage seniors to pick up costumes and actually wear them! Dressing up can make them feel part of the celebration and there is an excitement knowing that someone is going to win as Best Dressed!

So, allow them to look for their choice of spooky costumes and make sure to vote for them!

Old Folks’ Trick or Treat
For a change, let them do the trick or treat this year! It has always been the kids’ favorite, but once they’re done, you can let your seniors do it.

Pumpkin painting
Pumpkin is a traditional sight for Halloween. Another activity is to let them paint pumpkins and
pick the scariest looking one at the end of the celebration. This is a fun and easy project that your senior loved ones will surely love!

Singing and Dancing

It is easy to grab the Karaoke and let them sing and dance the whole party!


Do you have other activities in mind? Share them with us!

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