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Activities for Seniors During Cold and Rainy Weathers

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It’s hard enough being a senior citizen with certain condition and diseases, but the gloomy weather does nothing to make it easier either.

Our caregivers at Angel Connection Nursing Services always plan for the best interests of our clients. To make them feel better and occupied during cold and rainy weathers, we listed some things for them to do! Check these out because with these activities, your loved ones will not just have something to do, they won’t also be as gloomy as the weather.

  1. Read them a new book or reread an old favorite. See that old book sitting on their shelves? Take it and let them travel to new places or make them reminisce about their good old days.
  2. Help them learn how to bake for their family. Turn up the heat in the kitchen to also help them warm up. They can bake some cookies for their grandkids and tell stories of their hey days.
  3. Help them put together a scrapbook! They can get those creative wheels turning in their aging and find that they still have a sharp mind. Here’s a tip: help them make a family scrapbook of sorts and ask for contributions from their kids and grandkids. It will surely be a treasured heirloom.

Rainy days may initially be gloomy and lonely, but these are chances to bond with the family and other people in the house. May you have a sunny rainy day!

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